Created to do Good – A Gift Shared is a Gift Multiplied!

“We are what he has made us…” St. Paul tells us in this Sunday’s second reading. All that we are ever able to accomplish and accumulate in our lifetime is all possible by God’s grace.

“All temporal and spiritual goods are created by and come from God. That is true of everything human beings have: spiritual gifts like faith, hope, and love; talents of the body and brain; cherished relationships with family and friends; material goods; the achievements of human genius and skill; the world itself.”

1992 USCCB Pastoral Letter – Stewardship A Disciple’s Response

Our good and gracious God is incredibly generous in his distribution of gifts. The big question is how are each of us going to steward these gifts? The first step in being good stewards of God’s gifts is to acknowledge that these gifts are not ours, and they are not for our glory. They come from and belong to God, and are for his glory. St. Paul gives us some direction, saying we are “Created in Christ Jesus for good works.”

There is much joy in seeing that a gift shared

is a gift multiplied!

What are the gifts God has entrusted to you? Each of us has unique talents and abilities that we can share in a life of good works. There is much joy in seeing that a gift shared is a gift multiplied!

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