About Joppa Stewardship Leaders

What is stewardship? This is a question that lights a fire in me. When someone asks me this question I struggle to keep my response short…there is so much I want to say about the subject. Still, even after 19 years of studying and promoting the spirituality of Christian stewardship I’m always learning; and understand that I don’t have all the answers. The stewardship movement itself has a diverse and gifted community of leaders, and this is why I have established Joppa Stewardship Leaders. My formation in Christian stewardship has come under the guidance of, and teaching of the Roman Catholic tradition, while Director of Stewardship at the Archdiocese of Winnipeg from 1999 to 2014. In addition I have been blessed to have gained many valuable insights through my association with many sisters and brothers from other Christian denominations. Inspired by the Apostle Peter’s dream in Joppa (Acts 10 & 11), and the subsequent baptizing in the Spirit of Cornelius’ family, it is my hope, and prayer that Joppa Stewardship Leaders will be a place where all the people of God, whatever your tradition, can come and share your experience and wisdom. In doing so, together we will build the leaders, who build the movement, and change the order of things.

Always grateful & hopeful in our good and gracious God,

Joseph Daniel Potvin

12 thoughts on “About Joppa Stewardship Leaders

  1. Giving thanks to God for this means to enrich each others journey as we stove to live fully in responsiveness with humility and sincere gratitude. Continued blessings to you, Dan!


  2. I see stewardship as the “action” plan. I have no problem at all with the three “Ts”, Time, Talent and Treasure. In truth, I have added an additional 2 T’s, Testimony and Tradition (the tradition of our faith). Where the message of stewardship differs from all other messages is that it actually calls us to live our faith. To accept gratefully, to care for responsibly, to share generously and to return with gratitude. I often compare it to speeding signs. We know what speeding signs are and we believe in them. But most of us still speed. When it comes to our faith, we know what the Bible has taught us and we believe, but do we actually live it? Of all the “programs” in the Church, the only one I know of that is fully directed at the actions of living what you know and believe is Stewardship.

    I too really appreciate the opportunity this provides us. Thank you Dan.


    • Yes indeed, stewardship moves us to action, to live what we profess. I like what I heard at one ICSC conference a few years…”Stewardship is what we do after we say we believe”. I like your additional 2 ‘T’s. I don’t propose abondoning the 3T model all together, that’s how my journey began. I’ve simply always been focused on taking stewardship deeper, like Cardinal Collins calls it “deep stewardship versus shallow stewardship”. Looking forward to our exchanging ideas brother!


  3. Hi Dan! How providential that your site should come up on my news feed just as I sat to have coffee near my boarding gate. On my way to Halifax for the Divine Renovation conference with Fr. James Mallon. I hope you have WCCSC 2017 in your calendar. I’ll be contacting you soon about taking part in it. Meanwhile, I look forward to reading your posts and joining in on the discussion! Continued blessings to you and your ministry!


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