Joppa Stewardship Leaders Bulletin Reflections for June 4th, 2017   Pentecost Sunday


Over 2000 years ago God poured out His Holy Spirit at the first Christian Pentecost. The undying power and strength of Pentecost remains available to us today! We have the Holy Spirit. The question is how much of us does the Holy Spirit have? Give the Holy Spirit permission to work in you. The Holy Spirit wants to move us; to “activate our gifts” as we hear in today’s second reading. Today St. Paul reminds us that the Holy Spirit gives each of us different gifts, and a variety of ways to serve. And, it is important for us to remember that stewardship is not limited to serving in the Church. Think about how you serve others and name it for what it is…you are being a good Christian steward.

Copyright © 2017, by Joseph Daniel Potvin, Joppa Stewardship Leaders, Ottawa

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