Joppa Stewardship Leaders Bulletin Reflections for May 7th, 2017

May 7th – 4th Sunday of Easter

Peter’s transformation by the Holy Spirit is nothing short of amazing! He immediately goes out and calls the people to repentance with zeal and confidence. This is a man who was once so afraid he even denied knowing Jesus. Repentance is to change the course of our entire lives. As good stewards of the faith we profess, we too can give people an opportunity to change the course of their lives. When we share our faith with others we offer them the greatest gift they could ever receive! Each of us are agents in the New Evangelization. Good stewards are bold yet gentle in sharing their faith. Always careful to avoid condemning or criticizing. It is not by proselytizing that the Church grows but “by attraction”. (Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel) Let the light of Christ in you shine and you will be attractive to others.


Used with permission, Copyright © 2017, by Joseph Daniel Potvin, Joppa Stewardship Leaders, Ottawa

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