Joppa Stewardship Leaders Weekly Stewardship Reflections for Church Bulletins

January 1st – Solemnity of Mary, The Holy Mother of God

Mary perfectly embodied one of the foundational virtues of stewardship in her life – trust.

She trusted in God’s plan for her, and her new born son. As Mary pondered the words of the shepherds in her heart, I imagine she might have thought, “There must be more to this than I can see at the moment, however, I will trust in the Father’s call of me to be the mother of God”. Where might God be calling you in this new year that may require you to trust Him like you never have before? Maybe you possess, as of yet untapped gifts, that God has given you to respond to this call? Imagine what new and exciting challenges our good and gracious God may have in store for you to be a steward of in 2017? How exciting and hopeful it is to ponder these things in your heart.

Copyright © 2017, by Joseph Daniel Potvin, Joppa Stewardship Leaders, Ottawa

January 8th – Epiphany of the Lord

Today we celebrate the Epiphany – the revelation of Christ to all peoples. The Magi came to pay Jesus homage. The two essential elements of ‘paying homage’ are adoration and service. It’s not good enough to simply adore our Lord. Being intimately close to Him, as the Magi were that night, naturally inspires in us a desire to also serve Him. God has given us all awesome gifts. What treasure chest of gifts will you open up this year in the service of our Lord and His Church? We have been given an incredible gift in Jesus. How are you stewarding the gift of our Saviour? Why not share that gift in a way that brings even just one person who does not know Christ into the Church this year – now that’s a New Year’s Resolution!

Copyright © 2017, by Joseph Daniel Potvin, Joppa Stewardship Leaders, Ottawa

January 15th – 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

Today’s readings all in some way speak of our purpose or calling. St. Paul tells us that we are “called to be saints”; John the Baptist was clear about his calling; and, the Psalmist invites us to respond, “Here I am Lord, I come to do your will”. To be a saint is to be set apart by God. This call comes from God the Father. What purpose or calling have you been set apart for? What unique gifts has God provided to enable you to live a life of purpose? Following God’s will may not always be easy, however God always provides…provided we do our part! Being a good steward of our individual calling is doing our part.

Copyright © 2017, by Joseph Daniel Potvin, Joppa Stewardship Leaders, Ottawa

January 22nd – 3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

Twice in today’s reading we are given the image of people being in darkness having seen a great light! As stewards of the Good News we have an opportunity to bring love and hope into a people’s lives where only darkness exists. We do this by freely, and generously sharing our gifts. To cling to our wealth and our time too tightly leaves no space to receive God’s blessings. In gratitude to God, good stewards joyfully share their gifts to brighten someone else’s life! When gratitude is behind our giving, JOY naturally accompanies the gift.

Copyright © 2017, by Joseph Daniel Potvin, Joppa Stewardship Leaders, Ottawa

January 29th – 4rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

The stewardship virtue of humility is encouraged in all the readings today. Stewardship proclaims that my gifts are not mine and they are not for my glory. All spiritual and temporal gifts belong to God and are to be used and shared in a manner that gives God glory. Christian stewards accept and acknowledge that all we are ever able to accomplish or accumulate in our lives, is only because our good and gracious God has enabled it. This belief inspires us to embrace a humble disposition. Humility does not mean we deny that we have a gift, it simply means we know the true and only source of all our gifts.

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