Radically Different & Remarkably Rewarding

The often used model for inviting the people of God to make a greater commitment to stewardship usually focuses on Time, Talent & Treasure. This model is tried, tested and true…sorry I couldn’t resist the alliteration. However true, the “Three T’s” formula is also a little tired. I believe it is tired because this approach places a demand on people the moment they hear it – the church wants me to volunteer and give more money. The Three T’s model does not fully describe how embracing stewardship deepens our relationship with God. Is there a better way to invite folks into a deeper understanding of stewardship and, as a result, a greater commitment to the lifestyle? There lies the truth of the matter – Christian stewardship is a lifestyle not a church program. It is way of living that benefits the individual person, as well as their church community. The full potential of stewardship can only be realized when people see that living out their baptismal call in the spirit of stewardship is to walk the road of joy.

The faithful will continue to resist embracing the values of Christian Stewardship as long as they see it as the Church simply placing a demand on them. Their minds will remain closed, and their hearts lukewarm, unless we change the language of stewardship that is typically used in churches today. My hope & prayer is that this blog will change the way people see and think about stewardship, and as a result, profoundly alter how they live. Changed thinking will lead them to discover a remarkably rewarding way of life. People discover that living the stewardship way is both radically different and remarkably rewarding.

I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Congrats and many blessings on your new blog, Dan! The topic of stewardship is often misunderstood. (It’s something to do with the annual Archbishop’s Appeal, right??! 😉) I’m so happy to hear your voice and look forward to learning more.


    1. Thanks Isabella! I am honoured and thrilled that you have taken the time to comment. You have been an inspiration to Lynn & I for many years. I fondly recall sitting in your living room with David enjoying a single malt when you said “You should start a blog” Well it took a while however here we are! Thanks for you encouragement and wisdom you show generously share!

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  2. Thanks Dan!
    I presume great thing are happening. Say hello to you wife.
    may the Blessing of Out Lord continue to guide you-
    Deacon John


  3. What a great adventure, walking this road of joy. I’m just writing an article on the joy proposition of generosity – that it’s contajoyous (cheesy, I know). Look forward to following more of your posts!


    1. Thanks for your encouraging words Fr. Yves. You inpsire me to keep writing. I see an opportunity to develop the leaders that will reclaim stewardship and raise it to its rightful place as an integral part of our walk as disciples…its much deeper than fundraising for ecclesiastical purposes. Please pray that I may develop the discipline to create more regular posts and get the conversation going.


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