The Joy of Stewardship – Share Your Hope!

Conversion & Knowing & Obeying leads to Proclaiming…your Hope! This Sunday’s readings provide us with a unique opportunity to explore a most meaningful way to stewardship. Conversion – Knowing – Obeying – Proclaiming. Beginning with Peter’s speech, he invites people to repent and turn to God (Acts 3:19). This is a call to conversion, a … More The Joy of Stewardship – Share Your Hope!

Radical Stuff

This Sunday’s reading from The Acts of the Apostle is Radical Stuff! – “Everyone who owned land or houses would sell them and bring the money to the apostles” (Acts 4:34). What was it that inspired the first Christian community to embrace such radical stewardship? None of the early Church members claimed that their possessions … More Radical Stuff